F O O D   I S  F U E L

Food has become a fashion of insta-famous fads, and is a sign of the indulgent consumerist society we partake in. This series is about the current trends that have taken food to the next level, far from the practical need for nutrients from food. Food is Fuel is a playful satire of food culture made to of poke fun at ourselves, whilst also encouraging us to question the behaviour of contemporary consumerism.



F O O D   L A B

The contention around genetically modified food seems ironic when you look at the history of food cultivation. Humans have engaged in genetic modification since the dawn of agriculture. This series is visual spin on the practice of manipulating organisms. Food Lab is a satirical, yet informed  look into the future of food, and of food security for a growing population and a diminishing natural environment.






My installation piece is a reactive approach to the fear felt commonly by women in dark places. I have created a safe and welcoming location for women, to contrast the dank and dark alley, and to raise the question ‘what would it take to make us feel safe’. Safe Places in Dark Spaces is a reaction to sexual harassment and violence against women and the restricted lifestyle we experience, but also to victim blaming and remarks like ‘women are not safe being outside alone’, and that they are ‘asking to be taken advantage of’ if they do so. There needs to be a change in the attitude that we are unable to live and act freely like our male counterparts with out being labelled irresponsible, and most importantly I want to advocate awareness, protection, safety and prevention. The need is for protection, not for restriction and censorship.

My project is conceptually challenging, as I illuminate a difficult issue, but the presentation of my piece is playful, feminine, kitch. I wanted this to be an awareness work about women, and I want the vehicle to engage with the audience, and therefor encourage interaction with the message.


More at safeplacesdarkspaces.tumblr.com


Is the power of the tarot in that it foresees the future, or does the power lie within the human mind, and its ability to personally interpret and apply the foresight to our own life experience. Can it also be said that the affect of believing a divination could actually have some form of subconscious mind control, and a strong influence through ‘visualization’ on the path of ones future?

My body of work is a contemporary take on the Tarot. Through the use of symbolism and digital manipulation, I have created alternate realms featuring ethereal, almost alien like characters. The Ryder and Waite tarot designs show a strange tension between the landscape and the character, and I have taken from this in my own work.



© Phoebe Powell Photography